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Work With Sheconomy


One-Day Discovery Workshop

Social media marketing and women go hand in hand. But you must know how to make them work together effectively. Stephanie Holland, the voice behind Sheconomy, conducts a one-day workshop to get your social media marketing initiatives directed toward women up and going in a day.

Whether you are just beginning your social media efforts or feel your existing strategies are not generating organic and effective engagement with your female audience, this discovery process will help get you on track.

The day-long workshop is held on-site with your company’s marketing decision makers. Stephanie offers insight into effectively marketing to women with social media as well as helps you define your company’s goals for marketing to women with social media.

For more information or to schedule a Discovery Workshop please feel free to contact Stephanie at:
W: 205-977-2022
C: 205-281-4496




Do you have questions about marketing to women or social media marketing or marketing to women with social media marketing? Stephanie Holland, author of the She-conomy blog, is available on a consultant basis or can speak to your group at your next conference.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

Why market to women?
How to market to women.
Social media explained.
Marketing to women with social media.
Marketing to women during the recession.
Does a recession inspire innovation?

For more information on fees and speaking availability, contact Stephanie at:
p: 205-977-2022 ext. 227
e: sholland@hhadvertising


12 Responses

  1. Stephanie –
    I love what you share! If you are ever presenting at a company in the Detroit area, I’d love to connect with you. I am the newly appointed Executive Director of the National Association of Women Business Owners – Greater Detroit Chapter and we have a very limited budget (right now) but would love to have you address us somehow….Thank you, Jill

  2. Your site was very helpful in putting together some stats for a presentation to our management. Interestingly enough the previous post from is from my friend and colleague Jill . . . . maybe we could share the expense of bringing you in as a speaker.

    Do you know Fara Warner, author of The Power of the Purse?

  3. Hi I love your articles … are there any for Chinese women on their 25-50s?

  4. Hi I love your articles … are there any for Chinese women on their 25-50s? What is it that they really want?

  5. Liked your articles.

  6. As a great fan and student of marketing to women, stumbling upon your blog just this week is huge! Thank you for the content, the layout, the information. You are correct (men, I am one) have no clue about how to sell, design, or present to women.
    Thank you for the great presentation.


  7. Hello, i would like to get some information on how to market to women to write an essay for my school, are you able to give me some information.

    Many thanks,


  8. hi,
    I liked your article, it was very interesting and informative, actually I want to do business, it can be on-line or any thing of that sort. Pl. help me.

  9. Hello,

    like you I am a Creative Director (your quote from your Home page made me smile), it’s so true! Anyway, I read your website regularly and I can find myself in some of your comments 🙂
    Would you be interested to have a look at my website http://www.womenlovetech.com ? It’s about connecting women to support them to be techno-savvy in one website where they can find news, stuff, last apps, etc…
    Please let me know your thoughts as I would like to share your blog’s link on mine.

    Talk to you soon 🙂


  10. Hi Stephanie,
    Love what you write about. I see we have a great deal in common. I am Dawn Billings, CEO and Founder of The Heart Link Women’s Network http://www.theheartlinknetwork.com and we serve thousands of small business women each month at our networking gatherings, as well as on line. I would love to talk with you and learn how I can help you serve women and the men who want to market to them.
    Blessings, Dawn Billings

  11. Hi Stephanie,

    I’m a past director of a multi-national consumer marketing multi; ad agency and design company, embarking on a new project with emphasis on photographic art for healthcare and other facilities.

    The selection, traditionally, has been in the hands of ‘Art Consultants’, a vested interest group, and is based on research that is really unprofessional and which wouldn’t withstand a minute of scrutiny by a consumer marketing man/woman. I’d like to have a chat with you and can call at your convenience (I live in Germany).

    Kind regards,


    P.S. Years ago, I worked with Fermina Platon, an exemplary marketing expert, at JWT, New York. Would you, by chance, happen to know her?

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